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01/04/10 - Yeah, Happy New Year.  Radian Articles - Cycle World September 1989.  Wow.  It's been well over a year since I've posted a Radian article.  I'm running out. 

02/01/10 - John L's Radian - It's really nice to see a Radian in such beautiful shape.  This one has a sharp looking fairing, too.  Very cool indeed!  Thanks, John!

02/21/10 - Radian Group - The RSS feed display from the Yahoo Radian Group has been fixed.

03/15/10 - Joshua's Radian - Joshua in West Virginia just got his first bike.  It's an '86 Radian and it sat in a barn for 20 years.  It only has 246 miles on it!  Thanks, Joshua!

03/27/10 - Happy Birthday to this little website.  It turns five years old today.  Thank all of you for your participation and for sending all of the pictures :-)

03/28/10 - Radian Articles - Motorcycle Classics - July/August 2009.  Thanks guys for giving me a heads up on this one :-)

05/11/10 - Russell's Radian - Ok, nothing new here about the Radian.  Maybe I'm a traitor  ;-)  but I still have the Radian and will never sell or trade it.  Here are some pictures of my new toy.

05/11/10 - Daniels Radian - Daniel has a 1988 stock Yamaha Radian and wanted to share a few photos.  Thank you very much, Daniel! :-) 

05/18/10 - Kim's Radian - Kim in Denmark sent these photos of her 1989 Radian.  It's really cool to know these bikes are all over the world, and the owners are very proud of them.  Thank you, Kim!

05/30/10 - Wow, this has been a rough couple of weeks, but things are getting back to normal.  Riding season is back and so am I, and now I'm behind.  This isn't a blog though, so without further adieu, here's some new stuff...  And thanks, Rich (Cheese) once again :-)

05/30/10 - Radian Links - Rich (Cheese, on the Yahoo Radian group) sent a really cool link to a video of the making of a Yamaha Radian poster that was made back in the 80's.  To think something like that would surface after over twenty years is pretty amazing.  Now I want one of those posters!  Thanks, Rich :-)

05/31/10 - Adrian S's Radian - Adrian from Holland bought a Radian about 6 months ago.  He wanted to give his Radian a cafe racer look, and I think he succeeded brilliantly!  Well done, Adrian!  Thank you for sharing the photos :-)

05/31/10 - Ivo's Radian - Ivo from The Netherlands (yes, two Radian owners in a row from The Netherlands) just bought a 1990 Radian.  He said they were never sold in Holland.  His was imported from the USA in 2002 and only has 3100 miles on it.  Congratulations, Ivo!  Thanks for sharing the photos :-)

05/31/10 - Cory's Radian - Cory in Fairmont, West Virginia just got his first bike, and it's a 1986 red Radian.  My Radian is also an '86 red one :-)  Congratulations, Cory!  Have fun, be careful, and thank you for sharing the photos!

06/13/10 - Bud's Radian - Bud sent these pictures of the Radian he's been customizing.  With a very unique fairing / headlight setup, belly pan / scoop, and custom side panels, it will surely turn heads.  Thanks, Bud!

06/13/10 - Brad P's Radian - Brad bought a 1990 Radian, and it's his first street bike.  You'll have a blast with it, Brad.  Thanks!

06/19/10 - Juan C's Radian - Juan C. in Guatemala has a super smooth nice 1990 Radian... Check out the paint job, bar-end mirrors, and round headlight.  Nicely done, Juan!  Thanks!

07/03/10 - Julie's Radian - Julie near Sioux Falls, South Dakota has a really nice 1987 Radian for sale as well as a really cool 1986 Fazer for sale.  Yep, a FAZER!  If you don't know what that is, take a look!  If it were close to me, I'd probably snatch it up for myself :-)  Very cool.  A link to her contact info will be on her page on this website until she requests it to be removed.  Thanks, and good luck, Julie!

0703/10 - Andy C's Radian - Ok, we've seen some really cool modified Radians, but Andy has done a heck of a job with this one.  This is probably the most Radical Radian yet!  Outstanding, Andy!  If Crazy Jerry saw this, his HEAD would explode!  Thanks for sharing!

07/22/10 - Billy's Radian - Billy picked up an '87 Radian and has already begun to make it his own.  He's cleaned up the rear end, put straight bars on it, and installed LED signals.  He plans to put dually headlights on it soon as well.  Looks great, Billy!  Thanks!

09/20/10 - Mike M's Radian - Mike M. bought an '86 Radian and rebuilt the thing from the ground up.  If you'd like to see a clean custom rebuilt Radian, check out this one!

10/24/10 - Luke L's Radian - Luke sent a picture of his black Radian.  He plans to convert his Radian into a cafe racer.  Check out the inverted bars.  Hang on tight!  Thanks, Luke!

10/24/10 - Justo-23's 86 - Justin sent a few pictures of his '86 Radian.  He's stripping it down for restoration and customization, and even has a webpage to show his progress.  That will be a fun project.  Thanks, Justin!

11/28/10 - Gary's Radian - Gary in Wisconsin sent a picture of his red '87 Radian with a fairing.  There aren't very many of those around.  Thanks, Gary!

11/28/10 - Sasa's Radian - Sasa in Holland has been the proud owner of a Radian for 2 weeks now.  Thanks for sending the photos, Sasa!