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01/28/06 - Radian Tractor - You've gotta see this.  It's a Radian powered tractor!

02/18/06 - Designed a Frames option for this website, just to see if I could.  Frames are cool, but do have plenty of disadvantages.

03/05/06 - Adrian's '91 Radian - Adrian sent in two pictures of his '91 Radian with the rare aqua-marine colored paint.  There are definitely not many of these around!

04/08/06 - Crazy People - No description needed.  You'll just have to see this for yourself.

04/10/06 - Radian Articles - Added November 1986 issue of Road Rider.

04/15/06 - Anand's Radian - Anand sent in a new picture with stock mufflers re-installed instead of the Jardines.  Looks good!

04/26/06 - Geoff's Radian - Nicely done in black metal flake paint with custom decals.  Geoff is also the owner of the A1 '90 Radian with the 1984 GPZ550 fairing.  This may be the bike that got poor Jerry so confused and excited, bless his heart.

04/30/06 - Finally something new on Radian Tech- Yamaha YX600 Radian Factory Service Manual in PDF.  It's downloadable in separate Chapters or as a whole.  Thanks, Rich (Cheese), for all the help, advice, and input.

 05/25/06 - A Cop's Radian - A Deputy Sheriff in Northern California sent this picture of his newly purchased shiny red '86 Radian.  Very nice!

07/11/06 - Keith L's Radian - Keith sent in these pictures of his custom silver '86 Radian with white powder coated trim.  Sharp, clean, super nice, and one of a kind!

07/14/06 - Keith L's Radian - 4 More pictures of Keith's super cool Radian.  Check it out.  Is that cool or what?

07/14/06 - Radian Articles - A new magazine article- Motorcycle International, May 1990.

07/22/06 - Andy's Radian - Andy has 2 Radians.  Currently he's riding a black '86 parts bike, and restoring an '88.  The '88 is going to be painted with a pearl blue base coat with several coats of clear on top, custom mixed by Wet Paint to resemble the current Yamaha blue.

07/23/06 - Andy's Radian - More pictures of Andy's Pearl Blue Radian project.  That thing is going to look awesome!

07/23/06 - Radian Tech - Better organization, with a cleaner look.  Also, minor changes to navigation buttons- purely aesthetic. 

07/23/06 - Radian Tech - Wiring diagrams... three of them.  One is from the owner's manual, and two are from the service manual.

07/25/06 - Radian Links - If you haven't already seen it, you should check out Rod's '86 Radian project.  Mods include a 919 tank, a GS500 tail section, and a ZX6 mono-shock, and make for one awesome looking one of a kind bike!

07/30/06 - Radian Tech - Finally finished the PDF version of a 1986 Radian Owner's Manual- not to be confused with the Factory Service Manual.

08/09/06 - John D's Radian - Now here's something really cool (literally).  John used oil cooler parts from an FJ600 and an FZ600 to set up an oil cooler on his Radian.  He's also got one of those rare fancy factory original fairings, and it's a sharp looking bike.  Check it out!

08/11/06 - Mike's Radian - Mike is working fixing up a Radian and doing a special custom paint job.  It's going to be a cool blue with orange flames.  It looks like it's going to be a killer bike when he's done.  He says he'll send more pictures soon.  I'm looking forward to it!

08/20/06 - Radian Tech - Improved bookmarks in the Service Manual.  Both the Service Manual and the Owner's Manual are now printable- for now.

08/21/06 - Tom's Radian - Tom M. in Jacksonville, Florida sent in 4 pictures of his metallic blue Radian.  The tank is sort of a retro two tone metallic blue.  I've always liked that style!

08/24/06 - Radian Articles are now thumbnailed.  Now it's easier to see what's what.

08/26/06- 2005 Archives - Archived the updates for 2005.  Now you don't have to scroll down as far to see what's new.

08/26/06 - Radian Articles - Motorcyclist July 1986 - Two separate articles in one- the FZ600 and the YX600 Radian.  This is a good one!

08/26/06 - Mark's Radian - Mark's Radian has more mods than I can mention here.  One look, and you'll see what I mean!

08/26/06 - Radian Articles - A 2 page ad from Cycle magazine, April 1986.

10/10/06 - Mike's Radian - Mike sent in more pictures of his killer blue Radian with custom flames.  He's even got a couple of pics doing a burnout and a wheelie!

11/01/06 - Rich's Radian - Rich sent in two photos of his current blue Radian as well as his friend's black Radian.  Thanks, Rich!

11/13/06 - Russell's Radian - Formerly "My Radian".  There's nothing new.  It's the same stuff, just with my name pinned on it.

12/17/06 - Mike's Radian - Mike has decided to sell his Radian and start another project.  He sent more photos along with an email describing what he's done to the bike, his asking price, and contact information.