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There's a long history of the Radian group.  It began years ago (maybe around 1999), I believe when Eric Renneisen created it on Onelist, which was created by Mark Fletcher.  Onelist merged with eGroups in 1999, and Yahoo took over the whole bit in 2001.  In 2019, Yahoo announced it would end Yahoo groups by the end of the year.  The Radian group was saved and moved to just in the nick of time at the end of 2019. , interestingly, was created by Mark Fletcher, so the home of the Yamaha Radian group has come full circle at the 20 year mark. 


At one time, there was an RSS feed of the Yahoo group on this page.  I have not yet found a way to integrate an RSS feed to the new group here, so if you'd like to visit or join the group, you'll need to follow the link to the new group.


Here it is: