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Here are links to other sites with great info and photos of Yamaha Radians. 




Fun Stuff

Rich (Cheese) in the Yahoo Radian group sent this super cool link to a video of the making of a Yamaha Radian poster that was made back in the 80's.

Check it out:




Sources for Parts

Derek at Motolab (can probably get you just about anything you need AND good advice)

eBay (everyone knows about eBay - tons of new and used parts)

Dennis Kirk (general parts and supplies)

The right side covers that have the word "RADIAN" on them are unicorns. 

If you're looking for one, good luck.  Check eBay, and be prepared to wait.




Owners' Websites

Bruce Coary's site:

Rod's '86 Radian Project site:





Yahoo Radian Group: