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If you don't know the part numbers for what you need, you can get them from the Parts Diagrams listed on the Radian Tech page.


Below are the sources I have used for finding parts for my own Radian.

I am not aware of any other sources for parts, and

I personally do not have any parts to sell.

If you've tried the sources below and haven't found what you're looking for, consider posting a message on the Yahoo Radian group .



Sources for Parts:


Derek Capito at

If you are a member of the Yahoo Radian group, you know who Derek is.  He is the Radian guru.  He probably knows pretty much everything there is to know about Radians.  He has provided a wealth of knowledge and advice over the years and has provided many of us with parts to improve our bikes and keep them running.  He can supply valve cover gaskets & grommets, valve shims, clutch kits, gaskets, fork rebuild parts, fork oil, tapered roller steering head bearings (to fix the wobbly front end problem), specialized tools to get all those jobs done, and more Recently he added a spot on his website listing BS30 fuel system parts for our Radians (link below).  Probably without a doubt, the carburetors are what need attention most on our aging (but awesome) bikes.  Derek can hook you up with what you need.  Check it out!


UPDATE 05/23/2017

Derek updated his website to show the rest of the parts available.  It's nicely organized to show what he has for your Radian based on your Radian's year, whether is a California model or not, and the type of part.  Check it out here:


Before you contact Derek, please search the archives of the Yahoo Radian group for messages regarding the part(s) you need.  Most parts questions have already been asked (and answered) dozens of times.

If you've already searched the Yahoo Radian group and still haven't found what you're looking for, you may contact Derek at:


Phone: (515) 383-4506





Ron Ayers at

The Ron Ayers website is really cool in that it shows parts diagrams and part numbers for virtually every single part of a bike, down to the nuts and bolts.  While some parts have been discontinued, a great deal of genuine Yamaha parts are still available.  I have ordered from them, and would do so again.




EBay at

Of course you're taking your chances when buying parts through eBay, but eBay can still be a valuable source for parts.  I have purchased quite a few Radian parts on eBay myself.




Dennis Kirk at

There aren't a whole lot of Radian-specific parts there, but you'll still find a lot of common parts (chains, sprockets, tires, turn signals, etc.)