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Here's what you'd see on a Yamaha YX600 Radian parts microfiche if you had one.  You'll find exploded diagrams with part numbers, and some useful technical info at the end of each file.   If you need parts, check with Derek at Motolab.  He's also owns a Radian, knows what he's doing, and is a highly regarded member of the Yahoo Radian Group. 


 There are five files (one for each year model).  Each file is very small (under 1MB).

To download a file, right click the link to the file you want and choose "Save Target As..."


YX600 S/SC (1986)

YX600 T/TC (1987)

YX600 U/UC (1988)

YX600 W/WC (1989)

YX600 A/AC (1990)