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New for this month of April, 2006.


Sometimes you just can't win.  It is to be expected that, when running a website or having a public email address, one will be approached by people of all sorts.  For the most part, people are friendly and intelligent.  Quite a few of you have contributed to this site, and for that I thank you.  Then there are the others...  Jerry in Florida has the honor of being the first in this category.  In fact, he's the reason this section was created.  Jerry and I exchanged email a number of times.  His first email to me seemed, at first, innocent enough (although somewhat erratic).  Then, what seemed to be an honest interest in one of the photos on this site turned into something I just cannot explain.  You'll have to read it yourself to understand.  Jerry said he was going to show everyone that I am a poser, a fake, and a fraud (whatever that's supposed to mean), and that he is going to expose me to the humiliation I deserve.  I figured I'd just save him the trouble.  If I'm the crazy one here, please drop me a line and let me know.  You can read the whole bit, as well as see the picture of himself he sent to me, if you follow the link.  Be aware, however, that this text will contain plenty of profanity and obscene remarks.  Do not follow the link if you are easily offended.


Jerry K.