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02/02/14 - Happy New Year.  Still here.

02/02/14 - John Dally's Radian - John has some new additions to his Radian, including a Vmax headlight, new handlebars, and a 4 into 2 exhaust.  Cool, John!

02/17/14 - John Dally's Radian - John sent some pictures and information detailing his installation of the Vmax headlight.  This could be really helpful for anyone considering installing a round headlight.  Thanks, John!

03/03/14 - JBird's Radian - JayBird is currently building an '86 Radian and sent a picture.  Good luck, and thanks, Jay!

03/23/14 - Scott's Radian - Scott got a great deal on an '86 Radian.  He's tricked it out and made it awesome.  Check it out!  Thanks, Scott!

04/27/14 - Lance's Radian - Lance has a really cool red Radian.  It looks to be in great shape and he's tricked it out a bit.  Check it out!  Thanks, Lance!

08/24/14 - Addison's Radian - Addison picked up an '89 Radian.  It's a beautiful orange with the Yamaha tuning fork logo emblem on the tank sides, and round headlight, and blacked out forks and shocks.   Awesome!  Thanks, Addison!

09/14/14 - Michel's Radian - Michel in Victoria, B.C. has acquired a mint 1987 Radian.  It had been in its original crate for 22 years until assembled recently.  It only has 372 kilometers (about 230 miles) on it.  And......... it's FOR SALE!  Check it out!  Thanks, Michel!

12/28/14 - Chris L's Radian - Chris is the proud owner of a nice looking red Radian in Texas.  He's had it about six years, but he was in the Marine Corps until last year.  He now has a new battery, new tires, clean carbs, and is ready to ride!  Thanks, Chris!