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01/09/12 - Happy New Year.  Enjoy it.  You never know.  It could be the last.  (Ha.)

01/09/12 - Tomek's Radian - Tomek bought a Radian in 2003 and put a side car on it.  I bet everyone wants a ride.  Thanks, Tomek!

05/13/12 - Bud & Sarah's Radian - Check out the custom cans, belly scoop, fairing and custom logo.  Excellent!  Thanks for sharing!

05/13/12 - Chad's Radian - Chad has an '86 Radian and is in the process of customizing it.  Thanks, Chad!

05/13/12 - Gerardo's Radian - Gerardo picked up an '89 Radian with only a little over 5,000 miles on it.  It's his first bike, and I'm sure he'll have a blast.  Thanks, Gerardo!

05/13/12 - Radian Articles - Cycle Canada - May 1986 - This is a pretty good one.  Check out the ad on the back cover.  I'd love to have one of those!

05/16/12- Matt's Radian - Matt just bought a radian and sent a picture of it.  I bet you'll have a blast with your Radian.  I know I have.  Thanks for sharing, Matt!

05/20/12 - Marek's Radian - Marek sent six photos of his red Radian.  It's super clean and looks brand new!  Thanks for sharing, Marek!

05/22/12 - Melvin's Radian - Melvin submitted a picture of his red '86 Radian.  Thanks for sharing, Melvin!

07/29/12 - Christine's Radian - Christine found a 1987 Radian that had been recently fixed up by someone.  She took it for a 50 mile ride, loved it, and now it's hers.  Awesome!  Thanks, Christine!

07/29/12 - Cindy's Radian - Cindy sent these photos of her personalized purple Radian.  It looks like she's one of the few lucky enough to have an original Yamaha fairing.  The color looks great!  Thanks, Cindy!

08/26/12 - Netty's Radian - Netty in the Netherlands just got her driver's license and her husband bought her a beautiful red Radian that looks like new.  She sent a very nice photo to share.  Have fun, and thank you very much, Netty!

09/17/12 - Mike M's Radian - It's been right at about two years since Mike sent photos of his awesome Radian.  He sent some more photos recently showing a few new things.  Awesome, Mike!  Thanks!

09/17/12 - Thomas's Radian - Thomas sent a couple of photos of his new project Radian.  Working on and fixing up a bike is about as much fun as riding, I think.  I envy you, Thomas.  Have fun!

10/28/12 - Mike T's Radian - Mike T. sent of couple of pictures of his Radian.  I spy a round headlight and drag bars, as well as what appears to be a relocated ignition switch.  Very cool.  Thanks, Mike!