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01/17/07 - Keith S's Radian - Keith S. has a super clean Radian with barely over 10,000 original miles.  What makes it extra cool is the original factory faring.  Sweet!

01/18/07 - Radian Articles - Patrick B. submitted a 4 page Radian brochure and a Radian magazine ad.  Thanks, Patrick!

01/21/07 - Radian Articles - Added a four page article from Ride magazine of Europe, August/July 1990.

02/11/07 - Keith S's Radian - Keith sent in a more pictures of his good looking red Radian, as well as some photos of the scenery from a recent trip.  Looks like fun!

03/04/07 - Radian Articles - A new 1 page article - MotorCyclist, March 1990.

05/06/07 - Patrick's Radian - Patrick sent in some photos of his decked out blue Radian.  Very nice indeed!

05/08/07 - John Teixeira's Radian - John was kind enough to share with us these 29 professional grade photos of his mint condition 1990 Radian.  Thanks, John!

05/20/07 - Clint's Radian - Clint sent in 3 pictures of his good looking black 1990 Radian.  Two of the photos show it decked out with saddlebags he used on a camping trip to a bike fest in Pennsylvania.  Sounds like fun! Thanks, Clint!

06/10/07 - Charlie's Radian - Charlie bought his blue Radian brand new and rolled it off the showroom floor back in '86.  He's owned it 21 years and put 21,000 miles on it.  How many Radian owners can say that?  Very cool, indeed.  Thanks, Charlie!

06/22/07 - Mike's Radian - Mike's Radian is for sale!  It's located in the Bronx, New York.  Click the link for lots of photos, information, and his email address.

06/24/07 - Radian Links - Duncan Woodall in the UK has created a new site for all sorts of Radian related material.  Check it out at

06/25/07 - Radian Group - A new section for this site.  There's not much to it, really.  It's just an RSS feed of the Yahoo Radian Group.

07-01-07 - Radian Tech - Cleaned up Owner's Manual.  The first one was hastily done and rather sloppy.  That has always bothered me, and I finally got around to cleaning it up.  It's prettier now :-)

07/08/07 - Rich's Radian - Rich (Cheese) made a really cool video of a recent Radian ride and put it up on YouTube.  For those who haven't seen it yet, it's really worth checking out.

07/22/07 - Joe's Radian - Joe sent three pictures of his blue Radian with special aftermarket rear shocks and killer aftermarket handlebars.  I'd really like to take this one for a ride!

07/22/07 - Corky's Radian - Corky sent two pictures of his clean black Radian with rear fender removed, plate tucked, and aftermarket turn signals.  Super cool!

09/17/07 - Keith's Radian - Keith took another trip on his Radian last month, and took some nice pictures along the way.  The scenery is beautiful!  Thanks, Keith!

09/17/07 - Pete's Radian - Pete in the UK sent in these pictures of his Radian.  Check out the slick yellow and black paint, the polished engine cases, the dark smoked turn signals, and the dark smoked windscreen!  That's a sharp looking Radian.  Thanks, Pete!

12/15/07 - Trey's Radian - Tray sent in seven pictures of his '86 Radian.  It only has 18,000 miles on it, and it runs great.  Thanks, Trey!

12/27/07 - Rick's Radian - Rick sent in three pictures of his '87 Radian.  It has a fresh coat of candy apple red paint with a gold base.  Sweet!