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Here are a couple of Pix of my "86 Texas Blue".
Thanks, if you will post them in your gallery.The files are big, so resize them as you want....I left them raw if you wanted a closer look.  I rolled her off the showroon floor in 1986 at "House of Wheels" in Houston, which was Houstons' oldest Yamaha dealership...they are closed down now, but Radian and I carry on. I was 30 when I purchased her and I'm now 51. When I was 30, a 200 mile ride was no problem...but I sure feel it these days.  21 years and 21,000 miles later, both of us have survived all kinds of stuff.  Ex-wives especially! Ha!  I'm a ham radio operator and own a Ham Radio store in Spring,Tx. north of Houston, that is my call sign after my name.
Take care my brother!
Charlie Neiman KG5RQ