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01/27/09 - Gordon's Radian - Gordon sent in two new pictures of his really cool black and white Radian.  Thanks Gordon!

01/27/09 - Jason's Radian - Jason sent in this picture of his blue Radian.  It is his third Radian.  Check out the flaming skulls on the tank!

03/21/09 - Marty's Radian - Marty has owned numerous motorcycles, and recently purchased a really sharp red Radian.  Thanks, Marty! 

03/21/09 - Mark AJ's UK Radian - Mark AJ in the UK bought a Radian a while back and has done an outstanding job restoring it!  Thanks, Mark!

 03/29/09 - Paul H's Radian - What are the odds of this - 2 Pauls, both in the UK?  Paul H sent these pictures of his fourth Radian.  Thanks, Paul!

04/21/09 - Anthony's Radian - Anthony added some new photos of his Radian.  These are before and after pictures of some of the work he's done.  Great job, Anthony, and thanks!

04/21/09 - Mark R's Radian - A few pictures of Mark R. and his Radian in Poland.  It's really cool to hear from fellow Radian owners from all over the world :-)  Thanks, Mark!

04/21/09 - Chuck's Radian - Check out the paint job Chuck did on this Radian!  All I can say is wow!  Nice job, man :-)  Thanks!

04/21/09 - Atle's Radian - Atle in Norway sent these 3 pictures of his '89 Radian.  Believe it or not, he took them with his cell phone!  Thank you very much, Atle!

04/26/09 - Jay H's Radian - Jay used to have a Radian, and is now looking to buy another one.  He drew this sketch of the Radian he used to have.  That's impressive, Jay.  Thanks!

05/27/09 - Leonardo's Radian - Leonardo from Buenos Aires, Argentina sent 4 pictures of his '86 Radian.  Thanks, Leonardo!

05/31/09 - Russell's Radian - I'm Russell, and this is my Radian.  It's been a while since I cleaned it up and took photos, so today that's what I did.

06/01/09 - Paul B's Radian - Check this out for sure.  Paul B. sent these photos of his beautiful one of a kind custom restored Radian.  Awesome job, Paul!  Thanks :-)

06/14/09 - Adam's Radian - Adam bought an '86 Radian and has been working on it this Summer.  Looks good, Adam!  Thanks, and have fun!

06/14/09 - Phil's Radian - Phil also bought an '86 Radian and has been working on it this Summer.  Looks good, Phil!  Thanks, and have fun!

06/27/09 - Paul B 2's Radian - Yep, another Paul.  This Paul is from the Netherlands.  It's another great looking custom modified Radian.  Thanks, Paul!

06/27/09 - Leandro's Radian - Leandro from Argentina sent these photos of his Radian bobber project.  It looks like he's doing a great job.  I'd like to take it for a ride when it's done!  Thanks, Leandro!

06/30/09 - Ferris's Radian - Adam sent two pictures of his '86 Radian with a wrapped 4 into 1 exhaust and lower fairing.  Thanks, Adam (Ferris) :-) !

06/30/09 - Carol's Radian - That's right!  Today I finally get to add a girl and her Radian to the site.  Carol in B.C. Canada sent 4 pictures of her blue '91 Radian.  Check it out!

07/12/09 - Dale's Radian - Dale sent these photos of his Radian.  He's in the process of resurrecting this Radian that has years of neglect and weathering from the elements.

08/16/09 - Tami's Radian - Today I'm proud to say I get to add another girl to the site!  Tami sent these photos of her 1990 Radian.  Thank you very much, Tami!  Have fun!

08/30/09 - Dan P's Radian - You'd be hard pressed to find a meaner tougher looking Radian than Dan P's Radian.  It's awesome!  Check it out :-)  Thanks, Dan!

11/06/09 - Russell's Radian - I thought I was through with my Radian, but I finally did a fender chop. 

11/06/09 - Mick's Radian - Ok, this is what it's all about! Mick (Neuchez) customized his Radian, and check out what he did!  Great job!  Thanks, Mick!

11/15/09 - Gord's Radian - Gordon C. informed me earlier this week that he had purchased Anthony's Radian.  Congratulations, Gordon.  I bet you'll have a lot of fun with it :-)

12/01/09 - Toadie's Radian - Gregg (Toadie) in the UK sent these photos of his really cool Custom Radian.  I'm always glad to receive and post Radians from other countries.  Thanks, Gregg!

12/06/09 - Radian Gallery - All of the titles / names in the "View All" (All Thumbs) category are now hyperlinked to their respective pages. 

12/06/09 - Juan's '86 Radian - Juan is one of the lucky ones with a beautiful pristine Radian with very low miles.  He bought it in 1986 and recently brought it out of storage.  Thanks, Juan!