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02/10/13 - Happy New Year.  Still here.

02/10/13 - Phil D's Radian - Phil just bought a 1991 Radian (yes, I know Radians were only officially made from 1986 to 1990, but a few exist that are really 91s).  He sent some photos, and it looks super sharp!  Thanks, Phil!

02/16/13 - Matt T's Radian - Matt T. sent some pictures of his 1986 Radian.  I love that color, and the side panels on the tank are cool.  Very nice, Matt!  Thanks!

05/04/13 - Matt W's Radian - Matt W. sent some pictures of his 1986 Radian.  He's in Australia, and they are quite rare there!  Thanks for sharing, Matt!

05/05/13 - Evan B's Radian - Evan sent a before and after picture of his Radian.  He's done quite a bit of work to it, and it looks great.  Thanks, Evan!

05/06/13 - Evan B's Radian - Evan sent some more photos of his work in progress.  Thanks again, Evan!

05/30/13 - Norm's Radian - Norm in Ohio sent some photos of his cafe racer Radian.  He has finished rebuilding again after someone in a car smashed into it.  I'm glad you're ok Norm.  Thanks for sharing!

06/29/13 - David R's Radian - David R. sent two pictures of his low, mean, dark, customized Radian.  I bet it turns a lot of heads and gets a lot of attention.  That's awesome!  Thanks, David!

06/29/13 - Ryan's Radian - Ryan in Chatham, Ontario recently bought a Radian, got it back in shape, and is having a blast with it.  I love the last photo.  Thanks, Ryan!

07/21/13 - Ryan's Radian - Ryan sent a few more photos of his Radian.  Thanks, Ryan!

07/21/13 - Laura's Radian - Check out these pictures of Laura's Radian - cool black paint with ghost flames both on the bike and the helmet.  The exhaust is awesome too.  Thanks, Laura!

08/22/13 - Miky's Radian - Miky is in Victoria B.C. Canada and says he has an '87 in showroom condition with only 2,800 Km for sale.  See his page for photo, price, and number.

08/22/13 - Elimelec's Radian - Elimelec has a nice '86 Radian.  He spent about a month getting it together and back in shape, and sent a couple of photos.  Nice work!  Thanks, Elimelec!

08/22/13 - Jake's Radian - Jake bought an '89 Radian a few months ago and is having a lot of fun with it.  He sent some pictures of it as well as his 1980 2 stroke NC50.  Way cool, Jake!  Thanks!

08/22/13 - Kevin's Radian - Kevin picked up a Radian and is doing some work on it.  He sent a few pictures of it so far.  Thanks, Kevin!

09/15/13 - *Website Update* - The Frames version of the website has been dropped. 

09/15/13 - *Website Update* - The green name tag buttons have been dropped.

09/15/13 - Dfawlt's Radian - Dfawlt found and bought a Radian and has done a lot to it to make it his own.  Great job, man!  Thanks!

09/15/13 - Franco's Radian - Franco, in Windsor, Ontario, found and bought a Radian and spent about a month getting it back in shape.  Awesome, Franco!  Thanks!

09/15/13 - John Dally's Radian - John bought a Radian on eBay, rode it 300 miles home, and did quite a bit of work on it to get it in shape.  Outstanding, John!  Thank you!

09/15/13 - *Website Update* - The colors of hyperlinks have been changed. 

10/26/13 - John Dally's Radian - John has made some changes to his Radian and wanted to share them.  Check it out!  Thanks, John!

11/12/13 - John Dally's Radian - John found and installed a fairing as well as some mirrors with longer stems on his Radian.  Looking good, John!  Thanks!

12/08/13 - John Dally's Radian - John found some panniers (the side bags) on eBay, and one of his daughters got a top box for him for his Birthday.  He can probably pack up and take that bike anywhere now.  Cool!  Thanks, John!

12/29/13 - John Dally's Radian - John acquired some rear crash bars and fitted them to his Radian.  They were made for a 1980 Suzuki GXS 250, but he made them work!