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05/16/16 - I'm back.  Thank you Bluehost for ten great years of service.  Would have stayed with Bluehost were it not for the Frontpage software issue.  Badrad600 has found a new home with NTC Hosting.  Thank you NTC Hosting (particularly Mike and Paul) for making the transfer easy, and for your technical support.  NTC has been great, and I am very glad to have found you guys.  Thank you.

05/16/16 - Phil D's Radian - Phil has transformed his Radian.  He sent some photos of his Radian cafe racer project.  Awesome, Phil!  Thank you!

05/16/16 - Matt D's Radian - Matt sent a couple pictures of his killer '89 Radian.  Awesome job, Matt!  Thank you!

05/16/16 - Ashman's Radian - Ash in the UK has done an awesome job with a Radian and sent pictures to prove it.  Awesome, and thank you!

05/16/16 - Derek at Motolab - If you are a member of the Yahoo Radian group, you know who Derek is.  He is the Radian guru.  He probably knows pretty much everything there is to know about Radians.  He has provided a wealth of knowledge and advice over the years and has provided many of us with parts to improve our bikes and keep them running.  He can supply valve cover gaskets & grommets, valve shims, clutch kits, gaskets, fork rebuild parts, fork oil, tapered roller steering head bearings (to fix the wobbly front end problem), specialized tools to get all those jobs done, and more.  Recently he added a spot on his website listing BS30 fuel system parts for our Radians (link below).  Probably without a doubt, the carburetors are what need attention most on our aging (but awesome) bikes.  Derek can hook you up with what you need.  Check it out!

Thank you, Derek, for all you do!


06/16/2016 - Russell's Radian - Happy birthday to me, and happy 30th birthday to the Yamaha Radian.  New master cylinder, new braided steel brake lines, and a heavy duty custom made fender eliminator kit.

07/17/2016 - Jack's Radian - Jack in the Netherlands has created a really awesome and unique bike, and sent a photo of is that is so impressive it could be used as wallpaper.  Awesome!  Thanks, Jack!

07/24/2016 - JT's Radian - JT sent some pictures of his Radian.  I spy inverted bars, bar end mirrors, deleted grab rail and side covers, mini signals, and rear fender (another custom license mount).  Cool, JT!  Thanks!

07/24/2016 - Radian Articles (bottom of the page) - 1988 Yamaha Motorcycle Salesman's Guide.  If you were a salesman for Yamaha in 1988, this brochure probably would have been given to you.  There are specifications, key selling points, and available accessories.  I only scanned and posted the cover and the two pages for the Radian.  It's just a piece of history... sort of fun and interesting.

07/25/2016 - Radian Articles - Cycle World July 1990 - Short and sweet.  Nothing new... just one more bit of history.

08/15/2016 - Andrew's Radian - Andrew sent a photo of the '86 Radian he's redone.  It's black with deleted rear fender, mini signals, and killer after market shocks.  Looks tough, mean, and cool!  Thanks, Andrew!

08/19/2016 - Andrew's Radian - Andrew sent some more photos of his Radian.  The bike was given to him in pieces.  He managed to get it all back together and now has a great running bike.  Awesome!

08/29/2016 - Jack's Radian - Jack sent another photo of his Radian.  Awesome job with the bike, and another awesome photo!  Thank you, Jack!

09/14/2016 - Jack's Radian - The update above (Jack's Radian) apparently didn't work.  Problem solved.  Check out the other photo Jack sent.  Thanks again, Jack.  Sorry for the problem.