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01/09/11 - Happy New Year again, everyone.  I'm still here, this site is still here, my little Radian is still here, and ya know what?  The Yamaha Radian turns Twenty Five years old this year!  Depending on ones interpretation, I suppose that means one could call a 1986 Radian in good condition either an antique or a classic.  I for myself prefer Classic.  In any case, Happy 25th Birthday, Yamaha Radian!

01/09/11 - Bruce's 86 Radian - Bruce sent these photos of his awesome 1986 Radian.  He's done a heck of a lot of work on it, and it looks fantastic.  Nicely done, Bruce.  Thanks for sharing!

02/27/11 - Jefferson's Radian - Jefferson sent some photos of the Radian he bought new in 1986.  One of them was taken on prom night showing him wearing his white tux.  Cool, Jefferson!  Thanks for sharing.

03/13/11 - John R's Radian - John has restored and customized a '89 Radian.  He fitted it with a V-Max headlight and has made some other changes to make a beautiful bike.  Thanks, John!

03/13/11 - Athan's Radian - Athan sent some very impressive shots of him with his '86 Radian.  These are outstanding photos!  Thank you very much, Athan!

04/03/11 - Jeff H's Radian - Jeff and his wife finished restoring a 1989 Radian and sent a few pictures.  Check out the cool paint, mirrors, and the seat cover his wife made!  Thanks, Jeff!

05/01/11 - Dennis C's Radian - Dennis C. sent these pictures of his beautiful '86 black Radian.  It has a new stainless Predator exhaust, pod filters, custom signals, and a polished grab bar, just to mention a few things.  Thanks, Dennis!

05/08/11 - Shaz's Radian - Shaz sent a link to a webpage showing his tricked out bike as well as before and after pictures.  Look, Ma!  No back end!  Check out his cool Radian!

05/08/11 - Bill W's Radian - Bill sent some very nice photos showing how he mounted an FZ oil cooler to his Radian.  That's a great idea.  Thanks for sharing, Bill!

05/08/11 - Shaun's Radian - Shaun has a Radian in the UK, and it is beautiful.  Check out the color scheme.  The seat matches perfectly.  He's also going to get one of those new Predator exhausts, and that will surely look great.  Thanks, Shaun!  I look forward to seeing pics with the new pipes!

05/15/11 - Griff's Radian - Griff sent some pictures of his newly purchased Radian.  It already had the pod filters and was properly jetted and runs great.  That's not an easy task, so already one step ahead!  Thanks, Griff!

05/15/11 - John L's Radian - John's Radian is for sale!  It is in absolutely beautiful condition, and even has an original Yamaha fairing.  He's looking for a bike a bit larger, so this could be a great opportunity for someone in his area (Lawton, Oklahoma - 70 miles Southwest of Oklahoma City).

05/30/11 - John L's Radian - John's Radian is sold!  Congratulations, John.  You'll have a blast with your new Honda 919!  Congratulations also to Chris C. You'll have a blast with your new Yamaha Radian!

05/30/11 - Shaun's Radian - Shaun got his new Predator pipes and sent some photos.  Beautiful!  Thanks, Shaun!

05/30/11 - Rich's Radian - "It's always nice to have a spare handy".  Rich has been lucky enough to have more than one Radian.  If any problem may arise, he's well prepared, as the photo he sent demonstrates.  Thanks, Rich!

05/30/11 - Radian Articles - Motorcyclist January 1987.  This is hardly a full length article, but it's still worth reading.  If anyone is aware of any magazine articles featuring the Yamaha Radian that are not on this site, please let me know.

05/30/11 - Radian Articles - Cycle Guide September 1986.  This is another short article (Bike of the Year), as well as honorable mention in a second article. 

06/02/11 - Griff's Radian - Griff sent more pictures of his Radian.  Well done, Griff.  Thanks!

06/02/11 - Airik's Radian - Airik Strikes Again.  This is the second time Airik has completely redone his Radian.  He always has some killer ideas.  Great job, Airik!  Thanks for sharing!

06/13/11 - John L's Radian - John sent pictures of his new Honda 919.  Obviously, John has superb taste in motorcycles.  I'm jealous.  John, that 919 is beautiful!  Thanks!

06/19/11 - Dan M's Radian - Check out Dan's cafe.  It ain't a restaurant.  Nice job, Dan!  Thanks for sending the photos!

06/19/11 - Tracy's Radian - Tracy has a super sharp Radian with a really cool paint job.  The color and style are perfect!  Thanks, Tracy!

08/16/11 - Griff's Radian - Griff installed a cool set of satin black drag bars on his Radian. Very cool!  Set the photo at the bottom of the page.  Thanks, Griff!

08/16/11 - Dean's Radian - Dean got a killer deal on his Radian.  He paid $100 for it, put some TLC and elbow grease into it, and now has an awesome Radian.  Wow!  Thanks for sharing, Dean!

08/16/11 - Greg O's Radian - Greg O restored this 1990 Radian and turned it into a slick cafe racer.  Awesome job!  Thanks for sharing, Greg! 

08/26/11 - Doug B's Radian - Here's another example of a pristine Radian.  Doug B. sent these photos of his 1990 Radian.  Thanks for sharing, Doug!

08/26/11 - Rocky's Radian - Rocky sent a couple of photos of his 1988 Radian.  Currently it is a work in progress.  Check out the aluminum side plates and flat bars.  It already looks cool!  Thanks, Rocky!

08/27/11 - Radian Articles - This is a new one- Motorcyclist September 2011.  Thank you Ron Hayes for the heads up on this one!

09/03/11 - Dean's Radian - Dean installed a set of gauges from a '98 Yamaha XJ600 Seca II on his Radian.  He rewired it and fabricated two brackets to make it work.  Nice job, Dean!

12/11/11 - Squirrelman's Radian - Squirrelman is a member of the Yahoo group and send some pictures of his '86 blue Radian.  Thanks for sharing, man!

12/11/11 - Thorgeir's Radian - Thorgeir in Denmark has an '89 Radian.  There probably aren't very many Radians in Denmark, and I bet Thorgeir is very proud.  Thanks, Thorgeir!