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01/14/08 - Radian Tech - Yamaha Radian Assembly Manual - In case you bought your Radian in a box and haven't gotten around to putting it together yet.  LOL.

01/16/08 - Doug's Radian - Doug got a great deal on a dirty old '87 Radian and cleaned it up to find a real beauty!  Check it out!

02/02/08 - Radian Articles - 1986 Radian brochure, 1 page (front and back), circa 1986

02/03/08 - Radian Articles - Cycle World - December 1989

02/03/08 - Radian Articles - Cycle World - January 1986

02/17/08 - I'm changing my email address.  It's still badrad600, but now it's .

03/02/08 - Rich's Radian - Rich (Cheese) provided three new photos of himself taken during a recent photo shoot he and a friend did for fun :-)  They are the bottom three thumbnails.  Thanks again, Rich!

03/17/08 - Mike K's Radian - Mike has owned two Radians so far, and is currently looking to buy a third.  He sent in three pictures of his first two Radians, which both look really nice!  Thanks, Mike!

03/23/08 - Dustin's Radian - This isn't a modified Radian.  This is a completely transformed Radian - a Radian CHOPPER!  Check this out!  Thanks, Doug :-)  *Note - The name isn't Doug, it's Dustin.  This was corrected 08/10/08.  Sorry, Dustin.

03/23/08 - Airik's Radian - Eric sent in 7 photos of his yellow and black modified Radian.  He's not finished yet, but it looks super nice so far :-)  Thanks, Eric!

04/18/08 - Jim's Radian - Jim has a mean, tough, dark Radian with subtle flames on the tank and rear fender.  It also has a round headlight and aftermarket signals.  I like it! He sent 4 pictures of it to share with us.  Thanks, Jim!

05/18/08 - Radian Parts - Sources for Radian parts.

06/29/08 - Mike's Radian - Mike sent in 2 new pictures of his Radian.  One of them is a really nice one showing off his black exhaust headers.  That's my favorite photo so far.  Thanks, Mike!

06/29/08 - David B's Radian - David just bought a blue '86 Radian with a chrome Motad 4 into 1 exhaust.  Sweet!

07/06/08 - Radian Articles - Cycle World  - October 1986 - The 10 Best Motorcycles of 1986

07/06/08 - Radian Articles - A nice 4 page Radian brochure, circa 1987

07/06/08 - Radian Articles - Motorcyclist - August 1988 - Born Again Standards

07/06/08 - Radian Articles - Cycle - November 1987 - America's Choice

07/18/08 - Radian Articles - Rider - October 2004 - Retrospective

07/18/08 - Radian Articles - Road Rider - January 1990 - Yamaha Radian - 600cc Solo Tourer

07/18/08 - Radian Articles - Rider - September 1986 - Four Easy Pieces

08/02/08 - Anthony's Radian - Anthony sent in 4 pictures of his '87 blue Radian with a nicely done round headlight.  Thanks, Anthony!

08/10/08 - Dustin's Radian- Dustin sent in 10 more pictures of his super cool Radian Chopper.  Check it out!  Thanks again, Dustin :-)  *Note - This was formerly and incorrectly listed as Doug S's Radian.  Sorry, Dustin.

08/31/08 - Craig's Radian - Craig is a new owner of an '87 blue Radian with one of the rare Corbin seats!  I'd love to get my hands on one of those, and I bet a lot of other people would too!  Thanks, Craig!

09/03/08 - Airik's Radian - Eric has made some pretty significant changes to his bike, and sent in four new pictures.  Some of the changes include a flat black paint job with a red frame, and a lower fairing.  It looks great!  Thanks, Eric!

09/21/08 - Tony's Radian - Tony sent this picture of his super sharp 1990 Radian.  I really like that year model and color.  You've found yourself a good one, Tony!  Thanks!

09/21/08 - Gordon's Radian - Gordon sent in these 6 pictures of his custom '87 Radian, including 1 "before" shot.  Check out the custom dual headlight, black and white paint scheme, and chopped rear fender!  Thanks, Gordon!

10/05/08 - Darryl's Radian - Darryl is a Royal Marine in England, and just purchased a 1990 Radian.  Radians are really hard to come by in England.  I bet you'll have a lot of fun with it, Darryl!  Thanks!

10/19/08 - Darryl's Radian - Two more pictures of Darryl's Radian.  These are larger photos and do the bike more justice.  That's a great looking bike!  Thanks, Darryl! 

10/24/08 - Gustavo's Radian - Gustavo in Argentina sent two pictures of his '89 blue Radian.  It's great to hear from Radian fans from all over the world :-)  Thanks, Gustavo!

12/23/08 - Jay-Dee-In's Radian - Jay-Dee-In sent four pictures of his black 1990 Radian.  Thanks, Jay-Dee-In!