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04/05/2015 - Happy Easter

04/05/2015 - John Dally's Radian - Well, not anymore, really.  John got himself a new bike.  It's a Honda PC 800.  Looks clean, smooth, comfortable, and powerful.  Congrats, John!

04/05/2015 - Russell's Radian - Well, not really.  Yeah, I'm Russell.  I still have the Radian.  I will take new pictures of it eventually.  Mostly, it's the same, but I put the original seat back on, and stock turn signals with short stems from a different Yamaha.  For now, though, I'm just posting new pictures of the Honda 919 after the changes I made. 

05/17/2015 - KP's Radian - Kaustubh has done a very nice job with his Radian.  It's flat black with white stripes, custom side panels, a cool round headlight, and it just looks so clean!  Awesome!  Thanks, KP!

05/31/2015 - Josh B's Radian - Josh sent a picture of his killer '86 Radian.  He rebuilt it into a street track racer.  Awesome!  Thanks, Josh!

05/31/2015 - I received a notice from Bluehost that as of June 2015, they would no longer support Microsoft Frontpage extensions.  The notice stated that it appeared I was not using Frontpage extensions.  Frontpage is what I use to maintain this website, and I do remember installing Frontpage extensions at some point because it was necessary at the time.  Whether or not this change will affect my ability to maintain this website remains to be seen.  If it does, and if it locks m it was a cool ten year run of fun.

Have fun, and be careful, everyone.


06/14/2015 - Well, so far so good.  Looks like it's still working....

06/14/2015 - Jon G's Radian - Jon chopped his Radian down and made an awesome bike of it!  Looks mean and tough! Thanks, Jon!

06/14/2015 - Jon G's Radian - Jon sent a few more pictures of his bad-ass Radian.  Thanks, Jon!

06/21/2015 - Radian Gallery - There were so many bikes in the gallery, the "View All" page became too long.  It was so long it caused a problem in some browsers.  The page would not load completely.  As of today, the gallery has been divided into five sections.  Hopefully this will solve the problem.

06/24/2015 - Mark's Radian - Ok, Mark's Radian was already in the gallery.  He's done something truly amazing with it now, though.  Imagine a Radian with an FJ1200 motor stuffed in it.  Now take a look at one.   Daaaaaamm!

08/09/2015 - Dustin B's Radian - Dustin is in the middle of turning his Radian into a bobber.  I love to see stuff like this!  Looks like you're off to a good start, Dustin!  Keep us posted!  Thanks!