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This website is intended to be a supplement to the Yahoo Radian Group.  That group was a tremendous help to me when I got my Radian.  That's where you should go if you want to talk to people about the bike or if you have questions about the bike.  If you'd like to see pictures of your Radian here or need to contact me, my name is Russell.  My email address is badrad600@gmail.com .

05/31/2015 - I received a notice from Bluehost that as of June 2015, they would no longer support Microsoft Frontpage extensions.  The notice stated that it appeared I was not using Frontpage extensions.  Frontpage is what I use to maintain this website, and I do remember installing Frontpage extensions at some point because it was necessary at the time.  Whether or not this change will affect my ability to maintain this website remains to be seen.  If it does, and if it locks me out... it was a cool ten year run of fun.

Have fun, and be careful, everyone.



This website is best viewed at 1024 by 768 resolution.

The above cartoon was, created by Hugo (group member).  The background and colors were added later by George ('89 Chameleon) and Rodney (Sizzler's Radian), if I'm not mistaken. 

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